Written by: Muhammad Saad Khan on 20 May 2018

As we know that the importance of keyword research in the SEO field is an integral part of SEO, a keyword with three or more keywords is a long-tail keyword.

70% of all search engine queries are long-tail searches.

Long-tail keywords are less competitive keywords as compared to the short tail keyword. The typical keyword would have too much competition that’s why we should use long-tail keyword because they are much easier to rank for than general keywords.

You just need to do simple on page SEO, your main long-tail keyword should be used with low density and few good backlinks for off page. With this strategy, you will get good ranking in a very short time period.

After the Hummingbird update, Google is preferring on long-tail keywords and strengthening their search results because of its descriptiveness related to content.

Keep this in mind for your future blog posting and website pages.