Written by: on 01 August 2017

Influencer Marketing is the way to go Viral for any start-up in this millennial era. 

What is Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is influential people on social media platforms who have a solid following, engage with followers on a daily basis and have great influence on potential buyers.

Here are few examples: (none of these are associated with Trinodal)

@nuxery (www.nuxery.com)

@foodnetwork (www.foodnetwork.ca)

How can I leverage it for my start-up?

As a start-up you need to first exhaust your current network of family & friends, then look for small influencers and finally approach big influencers. (KEY NOTE: You need to be featured on these Influencers Instagram/Facebook Page to grow quick / go viral) 

Here is a logical process you can follow to leverage this:

1. As a start-up, know your audience and your market (most important)

2. Tools to use: Facebook, Instagram plus others that suit your niche

3. Post about your start-up on your personal Facebook / Instagram Page 

4. Direct Message your friends on Facebook / Followers on Instagram

5. Reach out to your family, neighbors, friends and friends of friends personally via cell phone calling / text messaging

6. Ask your current network of friends / followers on Instagram to feature your start-up on their page to gain exposure

7. Research local / small Influencers (<25K followers) on Instagram that are in your niche / related niche, engage with their content and have them feature your start-up (free or small cost)

8. Research big Influencers (>25K followers) Instagram that in your niche / related niche, engage with their content, and have them feature your start-up (free or some cost)

Influencer Marketing is under valued right now, it's mostly free or low cost. You need to act fast and leverage this ASAP before big companies start paying big bucks to these Influencers and significantly raise the cost.