Written by: SETMEDIA on 24 November 2017

Shopify Drop-shipping - How To Get Rich Fast in 2018

Follow this model:

  1. Get / Buy a Domain Name
  2. Signup for Shopify Account ($30 USD / Month) / Setup Shopify Store
  3. Setup a Facebook Page
  4. Setup a Instagram Page
  5. Signup for AliExpress Account


  1. Login Shopify
  2. Setup the Store (Theme, Pages)
  3. Use Oberlo to load products in your Store (from AliExpress)
  4. Turn on Facebook Ads
  5. Turn on Instagram Ads
  6. Done, Wait for Sale! :)

Seems Very Easy?


Shopify DropShipping, From $0 To $10,000 in 24 hours?

BULLSHIT, throw this crap out of your mind NOW!

Like any other business, YOU NEED TO PUT IN THE WORK!

Why would someone pay you to source a product for cheaper than the retail market if everything is readily available to them via Google / Amazon / Ebay / Etsy ???

AliExpress is available to everyone and most of people know about it NOW, MAYBE not 10 years ago.

Successful stories based on the method / process above Shopify Dropshipping is 0-1%.

Shopify Dropshipping is being heavily advertised on Youtube / Google / Facebook / Instagram as a marketing gimmick to get more users on the shopify platform because all affiliate marketers are making money through the SHOPIFY AFFILIATE / REFERRAL PROGRAM (which is currently set to 200% commissions on each account signup / month for 2yrs).

But, Definitely Signup for Shopify Account just to test and get the feel for it :).