Written by: SETMEDIA on 19 July 2017

Why would Small Businesses pay to get discovered??? 🤔

If you start using proper hashtags on Instagram, you can easily be discovered over time whether you’re a hair salon, a coffee shop, an auto shop, or simply an artist.

Using hashtags on Instagram is the best method to be discovered organically and to create amplification 🤑 for your content.

One of the best strategies 🤗 which too date most businesses overlook and simply do not understand is exhausting the organic reach of your content before spending the dollars to further amplify the content on the social platform.

In easy terms do not BOOST POST right after creating it, wait a week to see the organic reach response and then spend a few dollars to amplify the content on the social platform (Hint: This will save you dollars on the advertising itself).

Test and see how your creative is perceived in the market before spending dollars to amplify it.

“No Amount of Paid Media is going to turn bad Creative into Good Content” (quote: Gary Vaynerchuk)