Written by: on 12 August 2017

Many businesses ask why their website doesn’t show up on Google Search and the answer is very simple. From the people that ask this, they are mainly new businesses and yet are not doing the basics to rank higher on Google.

There are many factors that Google looks at to determine search results based on the search user’s query, but the top factors are what you should be doing at the minimum.

  1. Write related content about your business or product into blog posts or micro content throughout the website. While doing this, focus on some top keywords you would want your site to show when visitors search for them.

  2. Get other websites similar to your website or blog writers to write about your business and link to the website.

These are some things that you can do without having to deal with your site administrator. And if your site is not built for micro content, blogging, and the other standards for a good ranking website, it’s time to see someone else who can build a better website.