Written by: SETMEDIA on 28 July 2017

Does it make sense to spend money on Digital Marketing for a newly opened business from day 1? 😱

NO, Please STOP if you’re doing this!


Generating leads from digital marketing for a newly opened business will result in high bounce rate, low conversion rate and insane amount of advertising cost.

(Hint: You want to save these dollars for a better more aggressive strategy later)

What you should be doing

Utilize the following tools to build your online presence: (Note: Know your Audience, pick the right tools)

1) Google Business Page (Reviews, Authenticity of Business)

2) Facebook Page (Build a Community)

3) Instagram Page (Prospect - Show your work)

4) YouTube Page (Vlog, Authenticity of Content / Trust Building)

Combining these tools and interlinking properly with consistent effort of putting out great content for first 4-6 months will amplify the growth of your business organically 😄. Once you have some reviews in, community built, and content loaded now is the time to take those Dollars and leverage into Digital / Social Media Marketing.

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