Written by: on 18 August 2017

Writing A Dominating “ABOUT US” Page

Put yourself in the shoes of being your own customer, how would you like to be served???

Follow this logical thought process:

1. Address Needs of your Customers  - state the common problem, acknowledge pain points, provide solutions and provide how customer will benefit from your business solutions

2. Tell your story - how you got started, what inspired you to pursue your business and why you are passionate about what you do

3. Achievements - highlight your milestones, talk about your experience, explain why you’re qualified to offer the products or services you sell 

4. Call to Action Buttons / Links - direct the customers/visitors to the call-to-action buttons on the bottom of the page to take action. Do not leave them hanging

5. Keep your “About Us” page up to date - It’s a work in progress Portfolio page, update it time to time when you acquire new clients, open new locations, are expanding services, have further achievements etc.

Your About Us page is your opportunity to build rapport with your customers.