Written by: on 18 September 2017

If you’re reading this, it’s likely from your phone. If not, your phone is probably somewhere near you. The point I’m trying to get across is that we all have a smartphone or have access to one.

How can we use this little device to do big things?

I will focus on the example that you are a small business owner with either a restaurant, coffee shop, hair salon or something similar. So let’s begin.

  1. Google My Business Page When people search for your business or a related search query on Google or Google Maps, there’s a high chance they will see your business listing if available. The listing has crucial information about your business, contact, website, hours of operations, photos, reviews and much more. Take the time to update your listing with great looking photos, fill in any information that may be missing, reply to reviews to build customer relations and check that everything is correct.

  2. Facebook Just like your Google Business Listing, your Facebook page is likely to get attention too, since there is a large audience browsing and searching on Facebook. Post often to show you are active, it’s also a get way to share anything new happening. Keep your profile up to date, and reply to any reviews. You can even do this while on your break.

  3. Slack If you have a team of people that you regularly communicate with, it’s best to use a team communication app. Slack is more appropriate to use for a business since you can have third party app integrations and the already available useful features it comes with. Channels and direct messaging features are what you should be taking advantage from this app.

  4. Email Sadly, this has to be on the list because there is a large number of people that let their email pile up. Make it a habit to look and respond to the email right away. If it’s something important, use the ‘pinning or starring’ method to get back to it later. By later I mean in a few minutes if you’re busy that moment or aim for getting back to the email that same day.  Setup filters to clean up your inbox automatically.

If you slowly start using your phone to manage your business during your working hours, you will spend less time later and have more time to relax. Make use of the ‘Smart’ in the Smart Phone.