Written by: on 17 September 2017

Top 3 Instagram Marketing Tools 2017

Pintaram - is a 2017 trending Instagram Marketing Platform (tool). Pintaram is essentially the web viewer of Instagram without analytics. The site itself is very user-friendly and great for searching latest trends of hashtags, users, photos and videos on Instagram.

How to utilize Pintaram? Use Pintaram for viewing Top Instagram Posts, Trending Hashtags, and Popular Users.

Hint: You can download trending videos / pictures content directly from Pintaram 

WEBSTA - the best tool for Instagram Analytics. It is easy to explore Websta then to explain in words.

How to utilize Websta? Similar to Pintaram, you can use Websta for browsing popular images, hashtags and users. Through Websta you can like, share and comment on photos, follow and unfollow your audience. Also, you can directly send private messages to your audience members who are on Instagram.

INK361 - Get Actionable Instagram Insights. Similar to Pintaram / Websta, Ink361 provides insights for marketers, analysts and brand leaders to grow and engage with their audience on Instagram. 

How to utilize Ink361? Similar to Pintaram / Websta, you can use Ink361 for browsing popular hashtags and users. Through Ink361 you can like, share and comment on photos. This is by far the best tool to quickly follow / unfollow audience on Instagram (FOC - Free of Cost).

At Trinodal we use all 3 tools for various analytics, we know you won’t use all of these but we encourage you to explore these tools and find the one(s) that best suits you and your business.