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I've been working with SETMedia for almost 4 years now, each year we've had consistent sales increase 30-35% since 2015. Today, we have over 500 Google reviews all from local customers and rank top 10 in the TripAdvisor listings. Fez, the owner, and the entire team have over delivered than my expectations. I am happy to say hitting $1.65 Million in sales end of 2018 as compared to $743K in 2015 is a big accomplishment.

Wali, owner of Helmand Kabab House Wali N. – Helmand Kabab House

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Helmand Kabab House
One Delivery Cambridge
Manouche Grill
Super Shawarma
Phillips Shawarma
Noor Food Market
Riz Tires & Auto Centre

Our Services

Website Design

Website Design

Creating and Optimizing websites that rank on Google’s first page. We work closely with each client to ensure design and creatives fit the brand. Our SEO tactics are fresh and most competitive in the industry which results faster top page ranking on Google.
Restaurant Online Ordering

Restaurant Online Ordering

As competitors struggle to grab market share, we have already tapped into a new market resulting more online ordering traffic. Our Online Ordering system is industry fresh yet more socially effective across platforms. Cutting to the chase, we promote your brand on our platform.
Creative & Design

Creative & Design

Is what sells and achieves measurable results, and we have the in-house talent to do that. From graphics designers to creative artists, all under one roof and one goal to be the best.
Paid Media

Paid Media

We work around the clock to establish and maintain close relationships with each engaging platform, which allow us to analyze, optimize and make the most of every campaign that rolls out. Having solid grounds on the social platforms help us understand paid media better than any competitor, so we can work with clients to develop an approach that hammers the best bang for the buck owned media. To be more specific: creating targeted and scalable content that sells and retains social presence.
Social Analysis

Social Analysis

A smart strategy starts with analyzing your social channels top-to- bottom across engaging platforms. Reverse engineering everything from how your competitors are doing, to what your consumers really want and find engaging. After assessing, we’ll provide areas of opportunity and improvements to bring the best out of your brand.
Consumer Insight

Consumer Insight

Today, brands and their consumers are closer and socially engaged which allows us to listen, understand, analyze and react to what our communities are saying and asking. We believe insights are the driving force behind creative and compelling work.

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